Com 335 Midterm Photo Story

This is my trip to St Barts over the first part of spring break. The first picture is us flying over from the airport to our villa in what was a very cool propeller plane. The second picture is the view from outside of the island on a hill. The third picture is when we just got into our villa. There were like 3 or 4 yachts coming in all at once, it was pretty cool. The fourth picture is where we ate that night, and also a few other nights. The seafood there was absolutely incredible. The fifth picture was interesting to me because of how they’d bring out your individual drinks. The last picture is our last morning, thats my cousin and his son on the beach outside of our room.


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Com 335 Midterm Graphs

These graphs are using Kenpom offensive and defensive efficiency ratings to determine who you should pick for your Elite 8, Final 4, and National championship game in your bracket.



March madness picture 1March madness picture 2March madness picture 3March Madness picture 4march madness picture 5March madness picture 6

Very simply, to make a deep run in the Tourney, you need to be good on offense AND defense as seen by years of evidence above.

Teams who have both in top 25 to be title contenders, top 40 each to be Final four contenders, top 75 each to be Elite 8 contenders.